Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is not just for children. Many adults are experiencing the benefits of a straight smile and improved bite. “Your smile is your greeting card to the world.”

Studies have shown that people with nice smiles are perceived to be healthier; more intelligent; more energetic and fun to be with. They have also been associated with better job positions and higher income. Many adults whose parents were not able to access orthodontics now find our easy payment plans or insurance benefits make orthodontia a self-improvement they can easily afford.

Improved aesthetics are just one benefit of straight teeth. A proper bite helps prevent the buildup of plaque, resulting in fresher breath and healthier gum tissues. This helps in retaining your teeth for a lifetime of chewing. A proper bite also protects the jaw joint (TMJ), eliminating the causes of facial pain and headaches. New techniques allow Dr. Lawrence to straighten teeth with mini braces, clear braces or even invisible aligners; so few people ever notice. There are many benefits to adult treatment.

Dr. Lawrence’s treatment philosphy involves producing broad dental smiles, and has a reputation of development broad beautiful smiles. He highly endorses treatment, which is described in this “Town and Country” article:


Modern orthodontic techniques can straighten the teeth to an ideal occlusion, however; due to congenital abnormalities or uncorrected previous growth imbalances the facial skeleton may be out of alignment. This can create not only an aesthetic concern but also a functional problem leading to improper chewing, nutrition and TMJ dysfunction. Dr. Lawrence utilizes the most modern computer imaging to not only diagnose the problem properly but also plans for its surgical correction. Dr. Lawrence works with the finest oral and cosmetic surgeons in the area as a team to plan out and coordinate both the orthodontic and surgical correction in order to provide the patient with the finest cosmetic and functional result possible.