Value Added Services

Dr. Lawrence, his office and staff pride themselves in going beyond the average and ordinary in order to provide the utmost patient care and customer service. We do the extras that most other orthodontic offices do not in order to make your orthodontic experience as pleasant as possible. We treat every patient as family, and treat people as we would like to be treated.

The services and personal touches we provide which most other offices do not are:

  1. A treatment coordinator who introduces new patients to the office; provides them with tours of the office, explains treatment and the treatment process and acts as a patient liaison to ensure patient comfort with the office.
  2. Office decor similar to that found in the hall of fame with signed sports jersey and vintage memorabilia.
  3. Vintage bleachers and stadium seating from the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.
  4. Hang your coat in Jim Brown’s old locker.
  5. Reception room video wall complete with 60″ TV and surrounding monitors for video game play.
  6. Quick seating-patients rarely have to wait as we pride our selves on our controlled appointment scheduling and keeping on time.
  7. Private TV monitors at each treatment chair with private video games – patients can play while they have their braces adjusted.
  8. Indirect lighting with distant remote control high intensity spotlights keep light out of patients eyes and eliminates fluorescent glare.
  9. Token rewards after each appointment provides a positive reward system which can be redeemed at a toy machine as the patient exits.
  10. “House Calls” appointment confirmation system calls each patient the day before their appointment to remind them of their appointment.
  11. Appointment follow-up call – A clinical staff member calls each patient the day after their appointment to ensure the patient is not having a problem and is satisfied with their appointment. Treatment progress and instruction questions are also answered.
  12. Computerized cephalometric and airway analysis are performed on each new patient and presented to parents separate from treatment.
  13. Banding instruction and kit. Each patient is provided with special instructions and aids to not only maintain their braces but to achieve excellent oral hygiene. A sports water bottle is also given as a gift upon banding.
  14. Debanding Celebration – A gift bag filled with “forbidden” candy along with balloons and a graduation certificate is given to help celebrate their graduation from braces.
  15. Service with a smile.
  16. Growth and treatment progress reports to dentists to update treatment progress.
  17. Six month progress report cards to parents to keep them informed of progress and/or unexpected treatment delays.
  18. Talk to parents at each appointment – inform them of progress.
  19. Progress records and in-treatment consulting provides objective view of treatment progress and informs parents/patients of dental health status.
  20. Orthodontic sports mouthguards provided free of charge to young athletes with braces to protect teeth and allow tooth movement.
  21. Insurance processing and customized payment plans – flexibility provides affordable orthodontics for all incomes and budgets.
  22. All of our study models are mounted using a face bow, centric bite, and adjustable articulators for accuracy. This helps ensure proper coordination of the final occlusion and joint function.
  23. Complimentary fresh coffee, bottled water, and juice in the reception room for patient enjoyment.
  24. Birthday cards for patients.
  25. Sympathy cards for patient’s relatives.
  26. Utilization of state of the art braces and springs in order to decrease treatment time and produce ideal results.
  27. A credit of $250.00 off a patient account upon referral of 5 new patients to our practice.
  28. Fresh popcorn and slushies after each appointment.
  29. Flavored gloves – no latex taste!
  30. Patient contests and rewards for hygiene checks.

Dr. Lawrence and his staff are always looking for ways to improve not only service to you but the overall orthodontic/TMJ experience. If you have any suggestions how we can improve our services, please let us know.