Bracing your smile for a beautiful future

Eric S. Lawrence, DDS graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry and earned his certification in Orthodontics and Oro-facial Orthopedics from Emory University School of Dentistry. He is dedicated to providing his patients with the most current and advanced care available. Dr. Lawrence has specialized training in orthodontic care for youth and adults, surgical orthodontics, TMJ disorders, and Oro-facial Orthopedics. Dr. Lawrence has been practicing for 30 years.

Why Choose Dr. Lawrence?

Did you know that 90% of facial growth occurs before the age of twelve? That is the same age at which the last few permanent teeth erupt into the mouth. Dr. Lawrence believes in EARLY treatment in order to capture this growth period. Traditional orthodontics that begins after the eruption of the permanent teeth usually requires the extraction of premolars, and then moves the remaining teeth into alignment. The patient has straight teeth and a more attractive lip line and smile, but the extractions compromise the integrity or the jaws and the bite as well as causing trouble in maintaining the correction.

Preventative orthodontics (early treatment) can be initiated for very young patients to prevent abnormal jaw development and create space for the permanent teeth before they erupt. Dr. Lawrence likes to see children as early as possible to assess whether the jaws are growing properly. Because of thumb-sucking, mouth-breathing or just genetic predisposition, children sometimes require an unobtrusive appliance, which the child forgets about within 72 hours after placement.. This appliance will guide the growth of a weak chin into a normal sized lower jaw and similar appliance prevent protrude upper and lower jaws. With the use of these appliances in early treatment a patient can avoid such problems as a gummy smile, crossbite, overbite, crowding of teeth, and speech development problems. Early treatment enables the permanent teeth to erupt into an uncrowded space without needed extractions.

Besides preventing abnormal facial growth and creating a beautiful smile, Dr. Lawrence also relieves facial pain and/or headaches that are caused by TMJ dysfunction by several means that includes a night appliance patented by Dr. Lawrence.

Dr. Lawrence practices MODERN orthodontics and wants you to know that everyone, including himself, his own family, and staff (most of who are in braces or whom he has already treated orthodontically) can benefit from modern orthodontics at ANY age.

Patients love our office!!!

Since visiting the orthodontist’s becomes a regular commitment, why not make it a fun one? The front door opens into stadium green carpeting, the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium bleacher seating, and a full wall of televisions and interactive game screens. The walls are adorned with framed jerseys and other sports memorabilia. Patients are greeted by a receptionist seated in a hockey penalty box from the Cleveland Stadium. In addition, interactive games or televisions are at every chair with headphones to avoid unnecessary noise.

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