We welcome you as a patient, and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with orthodontic services.  The information that follows is designed to answer many questions most patients have.

We want you to know about our policies and methods of practice.  The more you know, the more we can be of service to you.  If there are any questions, we encourage you to please ask since we do want to be of help.

As you may have noticed, we have organized our office in such a manner as to give you not only the highest state of the art in orthodontics, but also to give you the best possible service. Our Treatment Coordinator Erin, will work with you to obtain all pertinent data about your condition and your desires.  She is here to help smooth your introduction into treatment.

Prior to your initial visit, please download and complete the appropriate patient forms here: Patient Forms Page



The initial visit with Erin, our treatment coordinator and Dr. Lawrence is scheduled so that the patient, parent and doctor can meet each other and discuss the patient’s specific orthodontic needs. In order to properly evaluate and become familiar with these needs there will be a private consultation with the patient, their parents and Dr. Lawrence. The patient/parents interview will consist of an oral, facial and functional examination, along with one complimentary radiograph. Upon completion of this examination Dr. Lawrence will discuss these initial findings, as well as the proposed orthodontic treatment, the treatment length, fees and financial arrangements will be made. Sufficient time is allowed to answer all your questions. We enjoy seeing both parents, if possible, as well as the patient at this time. It is our hope to have the entire family aware of what they may expect from treatment and what is expected from them to promote its successful completion.


Our Front Desk Coordinator, Madeleine is here to help you schedule your appointments at the best possible times.  We have put forth a great effort to develop a scheduling system, which will best suit your needs, and the needs of all of our patients.  Due to the nature of orthodontics, there are many different appointments.  Each appointment ranges from 15 minutes to several hours long.  We have set up our appointment times so that you can come for the many short appointments before or after work or school.  Your records and banding appointments will require a longer appointment than the remaining treatment visits. Appointments are made to avoid conflict with the patient’s/parent’s daily schedule as much as possible.



This appointment is scheduled for an hour.  There is a charge for the records.  Records include 3 x-rays, photographs, growth status determination, and upper and lower jaw impressions along with individual cranial measurements to allow for proper relationship of the jaws on a jaw function simulator called an articulator. .



Orthodontic treatment begins with the placement of an appliance in the mouth.  Our Front Desk Coordinator, Madeleine, will set up your appointment with consideration of your needs, but most importantly our objective is to set up regular appointments.  This helps to avoid broken appointments.  We make every effort to honor all time commitments and request that you extend the same courtesy to us.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify us immediately.  We ask that you please give 24 HOURS NOTICE.  Remember, cancelled or broken appointments only prolong your treatment, and if they are in excess there will be a charge of $25.00 for each broken appointment.



Our Business Manager records all of your charges and payments.  She is available to answer any questions about your account and to work with you to develop customized payment arrangement.  It is also her job to notify those who forget and become delinquent in their payments.



If you have orthodontic insurance benefits we ask that you bring your insurance card so we can make a copy of the card.   We will submit the initial claim and all continuation of treatment claims until your lifetime maximum is met.  Please remember that no insurance company attempts to cover all orthodontic costs. Also, please remember to let the office know if your insurance changes. There will be a set fee for our orthodontic services rendered. Any insurance you may have does not enter into the agreement between you and Dr. Lawrence. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, contact your Human Relations Department at your place of employment or contact your insurance carrier directly.



In order to provide you with the highest level of orthodontic treatment, we have hired and trained the best possible dental assistants.

Theresa and Maya assist Dr. Lawrence, efficiently helping to complete the necessary procedures, making treatment as quick and effective as possible, and to help you understand all that is to be accomplished at each visit.  If there are any questions about the treatment, at any time, they will be more that happy to answer them for you.



Patients are encouraged to be interested in their treatment and to feel comfortable in asking questions as the treatment progresses.  Tooth brushing, proper diet, following instructions, and careful maintenance of appliances will help your orthodontic treatment proceeds efficiently and with minimum interruptions.  There may be a charge for lost or broken appliances.

Parents are encouraged to accompany their child to each appointment, if convenient.  Otherwise, we expect the parent to contact us at least every three months concerning the progress of the orthodontic treatment.



  •  Advise the receptionist of any change in you address, phone number, marital status, insurance policy, etc., that may have occurred since your last visit.
  •  Advise the office of any changes in your medical health since your last visit.If you are unable to keep your appointment, let us know as soon as possible.
  •  Please feel free to discuss with the doctor any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticisms of the orthodontic care provided.
  •  Keep regular appointments with your general dentist for check-ups and fluoride We give prizes for regular dental check ups.



Your natural teeth can last a lifetime.  Your mouth can be healthy, comfortable and attractive.  These are reasonable practice goals that are valuable to general health and personal well-being.  This takes careful planning, mutual trust, and agreement.  We thank you for trusting us with your orthodontic care and look forward to providing you with complete and thorough service.